Sequential and Johnson & Johnson enter partnership to develop new genomic-based skin test

Oliver Worsley: ‘The collaboration will give us the opportunity to further understand how molecular changes on the skin may translate to skin and human health’.

Sequential Skin Inc., the skin microbiome company developing next generation non-invasive skin testing and data-driven solutions for the skin microbiome, announced that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. As a key research and development partner to global skincare brands, Sequential’s first of its kind skin microbiome test is the most comprehensive on the market.

Providing partners with science to back up product claims, Sequential’s in-house lab analysis tests inform on the efficacy of products for everything from aging to acne, while measuring impact at a molecular level.


This latest partnership for Sequential will focus on developing new methods for non-invasive genomic-based skin testing, to help Sequential add to their growing database of skin samples.

“Our collaboration with Johnson & Johnson will give us the opportunity to improve upon our novel technologies at Sequential, to further understand how molecular changes on the skin may translate to skin and human health,” said Oliver Worsley, CEO and Co-Founder of Sequential. “Consumers today are seeking greater transparency and confidence around product claims. Our mission as an ally to top personal care industry brands is to empower them with proper evidence and real scientific data on the microbiome to substantiate their product benefits so consumers can make better-informed decisions about their skin health. To do this, we have developed a proprietary end-to-end skin microbiome Next Generation testing platform, with an ability to do further validation and quantitative analysis with our in-house Smart ProbesTM.”

The skin microbiome

The skin microbiome is formed of the billions of microbes that sit on the surface of the skin – it is essential to skin health and unique to each individual. Skin microbiome health is measured by how diverse the population of microbes on the skin is, and importantly how these microbes have an effect, locally, on the skin. When one or more bacteria dominate others, skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and eczema may arise.

The skin microbiome is also impacted by external environment factors like UV radiation, pollution and personal care products– it is ever- changing.

As the gold standard for skin microbiome testing, Sequential has become a trusted partner for brands that want to better understand consumer skin health needs. Sequential’s work allows companies to distinguish themselves with third-party, scientific certification for the efficacy of their product claims.

The company has collected more than 13,000 microbiome samples to date and has an extensive database of over 4,000 skincare ingredients that can be used to help brands with formulations. Every sample collected by Sequential is studied at the company’s in- house lab by the industry’s top scientific minds. Based on the analysis, a comprehensive report is compiled and shared to assess and improve formulation beyond what the eye can see.

About Sequential
Sequential is the industry leader in microbiome testing, claims substantiation and support for brands formulating products for skin, scalp, intimate care and oral care. Recognized as the most significant testing solution in the industry, Sequential offers a full end-to-end platform from study design, recruitment and testing, to analysis, and support on formulation development and certification. Sequential’s testing is exclusively managed in-house and with human clinical subjects, in vivo. As an ally in research and development to top global brands and household names, Sequential supports their journey to delivering consumer driven products backed in science.