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Probiotics, LBPs, prebiotics & postbiotics
When thinking about microbiome based products, nowadays one should consider not only probiotics, but also prebiotics (together synbiotics) and postbiotics as well, which have been in the spotlight lately. In any case, it must be verified that the production facility is fully compliant and, above all, that it guarantees the highest standards in terms of production, yield and stability.
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Quality Assurance
Quality is a “must”. Probiotics should be strictly controlled and tested along the entire production chain, in order to always be safe from an industrial point of view and from the consumer perspective. QA practice has to be carried out from professionals trained and skilled when referred to probiotics.
“long-read” sequencing
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Preclinical & Clinical Trials
Every time a probiotic strain or a finished product refers to a health claim, it has to be substantiated with a clinical study. Depending on local legislations in the different areas, clinical studies are mandatory to support a specific claim/s on finished products to be commercialized.
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Production & Manufacturing
R&D and Innovation teams are the guardian of the “chain of life” of a probiotic strain. Similarly, the contract manufacturing requires equipment and skills to preserve, implement and maintain along the shelf life of the product the properties and beneficial characteristics. The very last step of the entire chain is packaging and labelling, which can affect both the shelf life of the finished product and the compliance into the market.
You have fulfilled all the above steps; you have the perfect product and you want to conquer more share out into the market? The global market is huge and in continuous growth, with many opportunities till not fully exploited. Sound science, together with Quality, Innovation are the elements that will allow you to find your place.
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