Saturday, April 4, 2020
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Probiota 2020, where microbiome science meets business

Probiota 2020: interview with Nathan Gray, Senior Editor at Nutraingredients.

Microbiome Movement: closing day for the meeting that looks at the future of probiotics

The Microbiome Movement was founded in 2016 by Alexander Puttick and his colleagues from Hanson Wade in London. Now Alexander Puttick's invitation is to participate in upcoming events.

Esben Laulund (IPA Europe): ‘Probiotic companies need a new regulatory frame in EU’

IPA (International Probiotics Association) Europe is a non-profit international organization of leading European companies in the probiotic field. We discuss IPA's role with its president Esben Laulund.

A probiotic complex as a preventive approach for metabolic syndrome

We discussed the correlation between metabolic syndrome and synbiotic supplementation with Arrigo F. G. Cicero, professor at the University of Bologna and president of the Italian Society of Nutraceuticals.

Welin Berger: ‘This is how we work on probiotics at Biogaia’

Katayoun Welin Berger, BioGaia's Vice President Operations, tells us about the activities of the company.

Emily Hollister: ‘From microbiome to therapeutics and diagnostics’

The microbiome may be a source for biomarkers leading to therapeutic discoveries and diagnostics. We discuss it with Emily Hollister, Vice President of Diversigen.

Richard Ellis: ‘Bringing probiotics from the lab to the market’

Richard Ellis, Head of Business Development at Biose, explains how CDMO companies assist start-ups in bringing live biotherapeutic products to the market.

Travis Whitfill: ‘We’re studying new products for skin diseases’

Travis Whitfill, Co-Founder and CSO of Azitra, explains how Staphylococcus epidermidis-based products may treat various skin conditions and diseases.

Denise Kelly: ‘2019 will be a very important year for the global microbiome market’

Probiotics: 2019 will be crucial for scientific and regulatory aspects with help coming also from Venture Capital. Denise Kelly from Seventure talks about it.

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