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Microbiomepost.com provides qualified scientific updates to healthcare professionals and to anyone who wants to know more about the microbiome.

Our mission is to tell the story of the microbiome by reporting the results of research carried out in laboratories all over the world with a journalistic style and a solid scientific basis.

Bacteria have coexisted in our bodies for millions of years. They evolved with us in a sort of “peaceful” symbiosis. They are in the intestine, in the stomach, on the skin, in the lungs and beyond. We host about 100 billion microorganisms and they, in turn, synthesize different essential nutrients for us, take care of our immune system, protect us from their pathogenic “relatives”.

Research in this area began to take its first steps a few years ago and is therefore still in its infancy. The results however are already very interesting and cover nearly all medical disciplines, from gastroenterology to oncology, from dermatology to neuroscience.

According to some, we are living a real epochal turning point which could revolutionize the medical practice of the next decades.

And this is exactly the story we want to tell.

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Publishing director

Massimo Barberi

Professional journalist since 2002, Massimo Barberi has worked for the main Italian medical and scientific publishers. Graduated in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology, after a few years of research in the laboratories of the University of Milan, he decided to dedicate himself to medical information, dealing with both the general public and specialized medical publishing. Since 2006 he directs Clorofilla - Scientific Publishing, of which he is co-founder.