Pendulum Therapeutics Releases In-Depth Profile of Akkermansia muciniphila

New publication reveals how a keystone strain exerts potential to impact a spectrum of health outcomes through immune and metabolic regulation.

Pendulum Therapeutics, the biotech company headquartered in San Francisco pioneering the next frontier of health through its microbiome-targeted products, today announced the release of its whitepaper, An In-Depth Profile of the Gut Commensal Akkermansia muciniphila, a proprietary bacterial strain showing promise across numerous health endpoints.

Previous clinical trials evaluated this anaerobic species for the enhancement of dietary management and improved health outcomes and confirmed the safety and efficacy of Akkermansia muciniphila when taken as a daily probiotic.

The review builds on existing data and explores emerging research of Akkermansia muciniphila’s potential to unlock important functions critical to immune and metabolic health.

“Akkermansia muciniphila is a keystone strain that is essential for a healthy gut microbiome,” said Colleen Cutcliffe, PhD, CEO and Co-Founder at Pendulum. “An increasing body of evidence implicates the resident gut microbiota as playing a critical role in health, including metabolic health. Our research is unveiling these key findings, and we’re the only company that has created the manufacturing process to grow these anaerobic strains.”

Focal points from the review by which Akkermansia muciniphila has the potential to exert health benefits include:

  • Strengthened gut barrier integrity and immune homeostasis through specific adaptation to the mucosal layer aiding in improved tight junction barrier function
  • Improved metabolic and weight control via increased production of specific hormones and proteins associated with appetite and blood sugar regulation
  • Synthesis of health-promoting postbiotics, specifically short-chain fatty acids, known to support overall gut health

This review aims to synthesize all of the independent research on the mechanisms by which Akkermansia muciniphila exerts benefits for the host and highlight its unique potential as a next-generation probiotic.