Friday, October 30, 2020
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Diet and jet-lag exacerbate inflammation of the intestine in mice

Researchers have found that disrupting the microbiota-gut axis by altering circadian rhythms or diet can drive Crohn-like inflammation of the intestine in mice.

The microbiota helps gut neurons to regulate blood sugar

A gut microbiota-modulated neural pathway can regulate blood sugar independently from the central nervous system, a new study pubblished in Science claims.

Fecal transfer could treat lethal immune condition after stem cell transplantation

Fecal microbial transplant could be a promising treatment for intestinal graft-versus-host disease caused by stem cell transplantation.

Gut bacteria worsen symptoms of multiple sclerosis in mice

A new study published in Nature found that a specific combination of gut microbes can worsen the symptoms of multiple sclerosis in mice.

Gut microbes could shape antibodies, help to avoid life-threatening condition

The gut microbiota can shape our antibodies before we encounter a disease-causing microbe, a new study published in Nature has found.

Probiotics can improve the gut microbiota in preterm babies

Researchers have found that giving preterm babies probiotics can help to improve the gut microbiota and displace harmful bacteria.

Bacterial ‘signature’ could help to predict diabetes risk

A new study suggests that 24-hour changes in the gut microbiota could help to predict who’s at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

A bacterial metabolite increases the risk of colon cancer in mice

A metabolite produced by the gut microbiota increases the risk of colon cancer in mice prone to the disease, a new study has found.

Microbial metabolite could make anti-diabetic drug less effective

Gut microbiota could make the anti-diabetic drug metformin less effective, researchers from the University of Gothenburg have found.

Alterations of the gut microbiota are associated with liver cancer progression

Researchers have found that the development of liver cancer can be associated with alterations of the gut microbiota.