Friday, February 28, 2020
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Lung bacteria could help to predict clinical outcomes in critically ill...

Researchers have found that lung bacteria could help to predict how well people in intensive care will respond to treatment.

Gut microbe could protect against Parkinson’s, study in worms shows

A new study published in Cell Reports suggests that a common gut microbe could slow—and even reverse—the build-up of a protein associated with Parkinson's.

Human metabolites boost the growth of bacteria linked with inflammatory bowel...

Researchers have found a class of metabolites that can shift the gut microbiota towards an IBD-like composition.

Algorithm reveals dozens of new antimicrobial compounds in the human gut

Researchers developed an algorithm that revealed dozens of previously unknown compounds in the human gut.

Diet and environment influence recovery of the gut microbiota after antibiotics

The recovery of the gut microbiota after antibiotic treatment depends on the host’s diet and on environmental factors, a study published in Cell Host & Microbes claims.

How gut microbes contribute to chemotherapy-induced pain

Researchers have started to figure out how the gut microbiota contributes to the development of peripheral neuropathy, a common side-effect of chemotherapy.

Mother’s gut microbes protect newborns from infection

A study in mice shows that part of maternal milk’s protective effects comes from the bacteria that reside in the mother’s gut.

Increased growth of gut bacteria is associated with life-threatening disease in...

Gut bacteria could be responsible for a life-threatening disease called necrotizing enterocolitis, which occurs mainly in premature babies.

Gut microbiota could promote lethal immune condition after transplant

Changes in the proportion of some gut bacteria could promote graft-versus-host disease. That’s according to a new study done in mice, published in Science.

Gut microbes could have helped mountain-dwelling people survive at high altitudes

The gut microbes of native Himalayan and Andean people could have helped them to survive at high altitudes, a new study claims.