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Dietary flavonoids could influence microbial communities in the gut

The type of dietary flavonoids we consume could influence the gut microbiota, according to a new study published in mBio.

How gut microbes influence daily rhythms

A study published in Science shows that the gut microbiota influences daily rhythms through a mechanism by which gut microbes control host metabolism.

Diet influences the sensitivity of gut microbes to antibiotics, mouse study...

Diet could be an important determinant of antibiotic-induced disruption of the gut microbiota, a study published in Cell Metabolism claims.

Patrizia Brigidi: ‘We demonstrated specific profiles that link longevity and gut...

An Italian study carried out at the University of Bologna investigated the relationship between longevity and the microbiota. We discussed it with Professor Patrizia Brigidi, coordinator of the project.

UEG 2019, three studies further investigate the role of the microbiome...

Interesting results on the effectiveness of FMT in IBS and on the effects of diet and drugs on the gut microbiota composition and functionality were presented at the UEG 2019 meeting.

Antibiotics could reduce flu vaccine effectiveness

Disrupting the gut microbiota with antibiotics could affect the immune response to flu vaccination, according to a new study published in Cell.

How the microbiota affects drug efficacy

Researchers developed a rapid method to investigate how diet, drugs and the microbiota interact to influence host health.

A comprehensive look at the microbiota-gut-brain axis

John Cryan at the UCC Ireland and his colleagues reviewed the current knowledge of the influence that gut bacteria have on brain and behavior.

Scientists find thousands of new small proteins produced by the human...

Scientists have discovered thousands of small proteins, which had not been identified previously. The findings, published in Cell, could help drug development.

Obesity, but not diabetes, is associated with microbiota alterations

Obesity, dietary supplements and key medications such as antidiabetics are associated with changes in gut microbiota composition, a recent study claims.