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Plant-derived RNAs can shape the gut microbiota

Exosome-like nanoparticles derived from plants contain RNAs that regulate gut microbiota composition and impact on the gut barrier function.

Bacterial metabolites could be responsible for the anti-diabetic effects of flavonoids

Integrare la dieta dei cani con prebiotici riduce le concentrazioni dei prodotti fermentativi nocivi derivanti da diete iperproteiche.

Promising results for probiotics in Ulcerative Colitis

In the pathogenesis of IBDs, the gut microbiota plays a key role. Treating gut dysbiosis may be a solutions, so companies are exploring this possibility.

Moving to the US changes the immigrants’ gut microbiota

Migrating to a western country alters the intestinal microbiome and provides a key to understanding metabolic diseases such as obesity.

Salmonella and Candida infections change the gut microbiota structure and function

The gut microbiota composition and function changes rapidly in response to pathogens such as Salmonella and Candida, a new study has found.

Early-life gut microbiota develops in three stages

According to a study published on Nature, the intestinal microbiota of infants make-up changes over time in 3 phases: 3-14 months, 15-30 months and 31-46 months.

More clues link gut bacteria with multiple sclerosis

GDP-L-fucose synthase, a protein produced by bacteria often found in the gut of people with MS, triggers an autoimmune response from T-cells in MS patients.

Food allergies and intolerances: gut microbes could offer new treatment perspectives

The recent increase of food allergies and intolerances is likely linked to the gut microbiota. A. Caminero et al tried to give an explaination.

Gut-brain axis: how bacteria “talk” with neurons

Ted Dinan of University College Cork, Ireland, gives us an insight into the intestine-brain axis.

Gut microbes and stem cell transplantation: opportunities and challenges

A review published in Journal of Innate Immunity supports a role of gut microbes in alleviating or even preventing graft-versus-host disease (GvHD).