Monday, September 21, 2020
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Bacterial viruses could modulate the gut microbiota to fight colorectal cancer

Researchers developed a new tool to modulate the gut microbiota for neutralizing the tumor-promoting microenvironment.

How the microbiota shapes the development of the immune system

A. Macpherson et al. reviewed studies that looked at the interaction between the gut microbiota and their mammalian hosts, from fetal development to the early postnatal period.

Cholesterol-lowering drugs could influence the gut microbiota in obese people

Obese people have a gut microbiota that is associated with inflammation. But those who take statins have a healthier gut microbiota, a new study (Nature) found.

Underfeeding and antibiotics alter the gut microbiota and impair nutrient absorption

A new study, published in Nature Medicine, suggests that changes to the microbial community in the gut could influence nutrient metabolism.

Microbes development from old world monkey to human might have influenced...

Researchers at North Carolina State University have underlined the evolutionary interplay between microbiomes development and human social structures.

Gut microbiota composition could predict cancer treatment outcomes

According to a new study published in the journal Microbiome, cancer treatment outcomes can be modulated by the levels of specific gut bacteria.

“There is a strong relationship between gut dysbiosis, metabolic diseases and...

Rémy Burcelin explains how understanding the link between gut microbiota, metabolic syndrome and cancer could be useful from a therapeutic point of view.

Intestinal bacterial burden is controlled in the fetus during human gestation

A new study shows that viable bacteria are highly limited in utero, although have capacity to limit inflammatory potential of fetal intestinal T cells.

Breastfeeding may reduce the number of harmful viruses in the infant...

A new study shows that breast milk can be protective against viral infections by reducing the accumulation of potentially harmful human viruses.

Malnutrition prevents immune molecules from recognizing beneficial gut bacteria

A study, published in Cell Host & Microbe, suggests why undernourished people may be more susceptible to intestinal infections than healthy individuals.