Advanced long-read sequencing services revolutionize microbiome analysis

Clinical Microbiomics sets a new standard in microbial research with unmatched data precision and resolution.

In a significant leap forward for microbiome research, Copenhagen-based Clinical Microbiomics has unveiled a suite of advanced long-read sequencing services. These services are set to transform the way scientists explore microbial communities by offering an unprecedented level of resolution and data quality.

The new offerings include 16S, ITS, 18S rRNA, custom gene sequencing, and expansive genomics and metagenomics capabilities, establishing Clinical Microbiomics as a pioneer in microbial analysis. The state-of-the-art techniques afford researchers a detailed view of microbial ecosystems, a critical advantage in the fields of health, disease management, and environmental studies.

CEO Anders Grøn emphasized the company’s commitment to redefining the standards in microbiome research, stating that these advanced services will broaden the scope of microbial ecosystem analysis. The introduction of these services represents a revolutionary development in our comprehension and application of microbial interactions.

The acquisition of DNASense, co-founded by renowned members of the Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) developer community, Professors Mads Albertsen and Per Halkjær Nielsen, has significantly bolstered Clinical Microbiomics’ sequencing and analytical prowess. CCO and Chairman Manoj Dadlani highlighted that DNASense’s expertise is integral to achieving the highest-quality long-read data in the market.

The enhanced services promise longer reads from microbiome samples, facilitating the creation of closed genomes and enabling detailed complex microbial community analysis. High-quality scores, a hallmark of these services, reduce the need for re-sequencing, accelerating the research process and enhancing gene annotation and marker gene analysis.


The company’s multi-omics capabilities integrate long-read sequencing with transcriptomics and metabolomics, offering unmatched resolution for both isolated and complete microbiomes. Clinical Microbiomics’ end-to-end workflows feature customized library preparation and sequencing using the ONT P24 platform. Advanced bioinformatics and user-friendly software support efficient data interaction, fostering rapid scientific discovery.

Marianne Koliana, VP of Business Development, is slated to showcase these capabilities at the upcoming 12th Microbiome, Probiotics & Prebiotics R&D and Business Collaboration Forum in The Hague, providing a platform for in-depth discussions and expert engagement.

Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Henrik Bjørn Nielsen remarked on the value of generating longer reads for providing high-resolution insights into microbial communities. This precision is critical for differentiating closely related organisms and linking specific functions to them, offering clients a clearer picture of the microbial ecosystem.

With laboratories in Denmark and the United States, and a recent merger with CosmosID, Clinical Microbiomics is now poised to offer these groundbreaking long-read sequencing services to a global clientele, propelling scientific advancement across borders.