Tailoring pet health: Nestlé’s new kit personalizes nutrition based on pet microbiome analysis

The new kit is part of the 'Petivity by Purina Petcare' ecosystem, which uses advanced tools to improve pet health and longevity through enhanced nutritional science.

Nestlé has launched a pioneering product in the U.S. that could revolutionize how pet owners manage the health and diet of their dogs and cats. The Petivity Microbiome Analysis Kit, powered by advanced sequencing technology, offers personalized nutrition and supplement recommendations based on the unique gut microbiome profile of pets.

Understanding that the gut microbiome—a complex community of microbes residing in the digestive tracts of animals—plays a crucial role in overall health, Nestlé’s new kit allows pet owners to take a proactive approach to their pets’ health care. This breakthrough tool leverages more than a decade of research into prebiotics, probiotics, and microbiomes.


Pascal Steiner, Director of Petcare Nutrition Science at Nestlé, explained, “With this kit, we are putting the science of the gut microbiome into the hands of pet owners, empowering them to understand their pet’s health and nutrition even better. The recommendations made by the tool are based on our extensive research, enabling predictive knowledge of pet gut health.”

The process is straightforward: pet owners send a small stool sample from their pet to the Purina laboratory. They then receive a comprehensive report detailing the status of their pet’s microbiome. This report not only provides insights into potential pathogens and bacterial diversity, a key marker of digestive health but also outlines customized dietary and supplement guidance to enhance the pet’s gut health.

Sheri Smithey, Head of Nestlé Product Technology Center for Petcare, highlighted the holistic approach Nestlé R&D takes towards pet nutrition and health. “With the Petivity Microbiome Analyses Kit we combine Nestlé’s research capabilities with novel digital tools and services to create more personalized solutions for our pets,” she said.

The kit is a part of the broader Petivity ecosystem by Purina Petcare, which includes a range of smart devices and analysis kits designed to provide deeper health insights for pets. This ecosystem aims to advance nutritional science to help pets lead healthy, happy, and longer lives, marking a significant step forward in personalized pet care.