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Breast milk transfers “good” bacteria to infants

A new study evaluates the association of multiple breast milk feeding practices with infant gut microbiota composition during a baby’s first year.

How the microbiota shapes the development of the immune system

A. Macpherson et al. reviewed studies that looked at the interaction between the gut microbiota and their mammalian hosts, from fetal development to the early postnatal period.

Fewer antibiotics linked to reduced childhood asthma

A new study (The Lancet Respiratory Medicine) suggests that the decrease in the incidence of childhood asthma is a consequence of reduced antibiotic use.

Cohabiting twins can share microbial gut strains for decades

Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, showed the existence of shared gut microbial strains in twins, even after years post separation.

Taking vitamin D and omega-3 during pregnancy could change the infant...

A study suggests that the effects of dietary interventions during pregnancy are mediated by different factors, including the infant airway microbiota.

How gut microbes contribute to chemotherapy-induced pain

Researchers have started to figure out how the gut microbiota contributes to the development of peripheral neuropathy, a common side-effect of chemotherapy.

Mother’s gut microbes protect newborns from infection

A study in mice shows that part of maternal milk’s protective effects comes from the bacteria that reside in the mother’s gut.

Increased growth of gut bacteria is associated with life-threatening disease in...

Gut bacteria could be responsible for a life-threatening disease called necrotizing enterocolitis, which occurs mainly in premature babies.

Early-life exposure to gut microbes could have long-term effects on immune...

Early-life exposure to defined microbial communities triggers the development of specific immune cells and influences the abundance of these cells in the skin.

Childbirth antibiotics have long-lasting effects on infants’ gut microbiota

Antibiotics given to mothers during childbirth could alter the infants’ gut microbiota, a new study published in Scientific Reports finds.