Sacco System unveils new biotech development site in Brisbane

Sacco System announces the grand opening of its development site in Australia.

Sacco System, a longstanding leader in biotechnology, celebrated the launch of its new development site in Brisbane on April 16, 2024. The inauguration was graced by Luna Angelini Marinucci, the Italian Consul in Brisbane, marking a significant expansion of Sacco System’s operations into the Asia Pacific region.

Founded over 150 years ago and still under the ownership of the Verga family, Sacco System has evolved from a rennet production company to a globally recognized name in biotechnology. The company specializes in enzymes, cultures, probiotics, postbiotics, and live biotherapeutic products (LBPs).

Max Rossetto, the Global Business Development Director for Microbial Therapeutics at Sacco System, outlined the capabilities of the new facility. “Our Brisbane laboratories are set up for early-stage development of fermentation processes, focusing on the creation of robust and regulatory-compliant methods for a variety of microbes. From in-silico beginnings to 30L scale fermentations, we are paving the way for efficient upscaled production,” he explained.

The decision to establish the new site in Brisbane was strategic, driven by Australia’s favorable business environment, stable government, and transparent regulations. Moreover, Brisbane’s burgeoning cluster of microbiome businesses and strong academic presence in Southern Queensland made it an ideal location for Sacco System’s entry into the region.

Viola Verga, a member of the Verga family, expressed her enthusiasm during the grand opening. “Launching our development site for next-generation microorganisms and live biotherapeutics in Australia is not only sensational but truly inspirational. Our goal is to foster excellence within the Sacco System Group and contribute significantly to the Australian state in the coming years,” she stated.

The choice of Brisbane underscores the deepening ties between Italy and Australia, noted by Consul Marinucci, who highlighted the shared connections and collaborative potential between the two nations.

Sacco System’s new development site is poised to become a hub of innovation in industrial biotechnology, further enhancing the company’s global footprint and supporting the development of cutting-edge microbial solutions.

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