Expanding Horizons in Microbiome Therapeutics: List Biotherapeutics and Sacco System Forge Strategic Alliance

This partnership emerges as a strategic move to capitalize on the expanding global microbiome market.

A groundbreaking lead share agreement has been struck between List Biotherapeutics, Inc. (List Bio) and Sacco System Australia Pty Ltd (Sacco), promising to synergize microbiome therapeutic development and manufacturing. This partnership emerges as a strategic move to capitalize on the expanding global microbiome market, offering comprehensive solutions from conceptualization to commercial production.

The collaboration entails the mutual recommendation of microbial development and manufacturing services, leveraging each company’s strengths to optimize customer outcomes. This alliance is not just about shared leads but about shared visions: a robust response to a market burgeoning with over 240 microbiome modulator candidates under development by more than 100 companies.

Sacco System: pioneers in probiotics

With a legacy spanning over 150 years, Sacco is revered for its deep-rooted expertise in the field of probiotics, postbiotics, and live bacterial therapeutics. These are pivotal in various sectors, including agri-food, dietary supplements, and the pharmaceutical industry. Their proficiency extends beyond Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB), offering a full spectrum of microbiome solutions.

List Biotherapeutics: innovators in bacterial-based therapies

List Bio, alongside its sister company List Labs, brings to the table over four decades of experience in bacterial-based therapeutic product development. Their expansive portfolio, featuring over 100 reagent grade products, caters to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, especially in vaccine development and medical research.

Meeting global needs with local expertise

Jonathan Jo, President and CEO of List Bio, articulates the essence of this partnership, highlighting the integrated cGMP pharma-grade anaerobic and spore-forming microbe production capabilities that List Labs and List Bio will extend to Sacco’s clientele across Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.
Conversely, Sacco’s Managing Director, John Goebel, emphasizes the large-scale fermentation capabilities that will be available to List Bio’s clients. He anticipates that this symbiosis will foster many more strategic partnerships as the microbiome market’s potential unfolds.

Sacco System’s rich history, is integral to its reputation as a forerunner in maternal health and children’s nutrition improvement. Today, it stands tall in over 110 countries, with an array of services including process development, trials, market expansion, and regulatory support.

On the other side, List Bio is a recent entrant, founded under the aegis of Genome & Company in 2021, yet swiftly making a name in the live biotherapeutic products (LBPs) sector. Its planned expansion into a state-of-the-art 130,000 sq ft CMO facility in Fishers, IN, aligns with its vision to be among the top 3 global microbiome CDMOs.

What this means for the industry

The symbiotic relationship between List Bio and Sacco System is more than a business maneuver; it’s a testament to the industry’s adaptive and collaborative spirit. Their shared expertise stands to enhance the entire value chain of microbiome therapeutic development, from research and trials to full-scale manufacturing. The commitment to quality, innovation, and client-centric services from both companies assures that this strategic alliance will set a precedent for how the microbiome market responds to global health challenges.
As the industry eyes a future where probiotics, postbiotics, and LBPs become integral to healthcare, the List Bio-Sacco partnership positions itself as a pivotal axis in the microbiome revolution. With the combined might of List Bio’s innovation and Sacco System’s traditional excellence, this collaboration is primed to advance the frontier of biotherapeutics significantly.

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