Sacco System launches Microbiome, the complete suite to support companies worldwide

Marco Caspani: ‘With the launch of our new Microbial Therapeutic business-line we are directing our efforts and strong focus to the field of Biotherapeutics’.

Sacco System is proudly launching its new Microbiome market area to support companies worldwide in the development, process validation, and commercial production of probiotics, postbiotics, Next-Generation bacteria (from aerobic to obligate anaerobic strains) and live biotherapeutics (LBPs).

The FDA defines live biotherapeutics (LBPs) as biological products that contains live organisms and are applied to the prevention, treatment, or cure of a disease or condition. Interest in LBPs as a solution to several health disorders has grown exponentially in the last few years.

In full support of this vision, Sacco System is launching Microbiome by Sacco System: its full suite of active ingredients and services conceived for the development and scale-up of Probiotics, Postbiotics and (LBPs) Microbial Therapeutics for application to the supplement, biotech, and pharma industries.


Microbiome blooms in the fertile environment of Sacco System’s proud tradition of continuous innovation and evolution to meet our global customers’ changing needs.

 “We have been working with Biotherapeutics for many years: CSL Centro Sperimentale del Latte has been among the first producers of probiotics to boast a facility qualified for the manufacturing of microbial pharmaceutical ingredients. Today, we have two production sites hosting a whole range of different processes and fermentations, as well as the downstream capacity ensuing from holding a Drug GMP certification. With the launch of our new Microbial Therapeutic business-line we are directing our efforts and strong focus to the field of Biotherapeutics. Thanks to the excellent skills and competencies of the people who have joined us, marrying into our existing capabilities, we are fully equipped to offer a complete suite of excellent services to our partners, with a view of bringing next-gen bacteria-based therapeutics to the market” – Marco Caspani, Executive Director of the Microbiome Division of Sacco System.

Sacco System Australia has been recently founded to support our customers’ live biotherapeutics development needs and allows us to take advantage of the outstanding scientific know-how present there.

“We are very proud to be bringing forward a 150-year-old legacy with the expansion of Sacco System’s operating facilities, focusing on Microbial Therapeutics, into the Australian market. This expansion marks an exciting next step for the Live Biotherapeutics industry given the array of opportunities opened by Sacco’s capabilities, from small to large scale Pharma development, its multinational reach and its research capabilities. As CEO for the Sacco System Australia business, the team and I look forward to providing high-quality, tailor-made solutions for the process development, fermentation in the Microbial Therapeutic Bio-Pharma industry.” – John Goebel, CEO of Sacco System Australia.

“Sacco System have decided to leverage their expertise in all aspects of microbiology to enter the Biotherapeutics market. This new investment by Sacco System will provide a unique offering of leading-edge manufacturing and support for companies looking to outsource their biotherapeutics products. Boasting an Australia-based development facility built according to Quality by Design and seamlessly integrated into the fully automated GMP production facilities in Italy, that is supported by state-of-the-art analytics, Sacco System can now bring your project from the bench through to 20,000L batches in GMP. Our team’s expertise, ranging from growing strains -from aerobes to strict anaerobes- to flow cytometry and large-scale manufacturing, is at your disposal to ensure the success of your drug substance development and commercial production.” – Max Rossetto, Global Business Development Director for Microbial Therapeutics of Sacco System.