New era in infant nutrition: Lallemand Health Solutions and DSM-Firmenich formulate synbiotic solutions

Isabelle Champié: “At Lallemand Health Solutions, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of probiotic research and development to create solutions that promote optimal health and well-being.

Lallemand Health Solutions and dsm-firmenich have forged a partnership to introduce synbiotic solutions that capitalize on the combined benefits of probiotics and human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs). This collaboration aims to set a new standard for infant nutrition by creating products that mimic the health benefits of breast milk, traditionally known as the gold standard for infant nutrition.

The companies have unveiled a suite of synbiotic products designed to support various aspects of infant health, including gut and metabolic health, natural defenses, and mental development. The innovative approach of these solutions is to establish a healthy microbiome for infants, a crucial factor for their overall growth and immunity. Research has underscored the role of HMOs in promoting the growth of beneficial probiotic strains and the production of metabolites pivotal to various aspects of an infant’s health, such as gut health, natural defenses, cognition, and growth.

Lallemand’s proven probiotic strains have undergone extensive clinical studies, affirming their safety and efficacy. These strains, combined with the science-backed HMOs from dsm-firmenich, present a significant leap in synbiotic health solutions. While dsm-firmenich will offer these synbiotic combinations within the infant formula sphere, Lallemand Health Solutions is set to continue its innovative path by incorporating these synbiotics into food supplement solutions.

Isabelle Champié, the Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Lallemand Health Solutions, expressed excitement about the partnership’s potential to revolutionize probiotic research and development. She highlighted the extensive clinical documentation of their Expert’Biotic probiotic baby strains in more than 1,600 infants, reinforcing the commitment to optimal health and well-being from the earliest stages of life.

Similarly, James Young, Vice President of Early-Life Nutrition at dsm-firmenich, pointed out the essential nature of optimum nutrition during the critical early stages of life. He expressed confidence that the collaboration with Lallemand Health Solutions would meet the dynamic needs of both parents and infants globally.

This partnership not only represents a significant advancement in the early-life nutrition market but also underscores a shared vision of providing infants with the foundational health benefits they need for a robust start in life. As the scientific community continues to understand the complex interactions within the human microbiome, Lallemand Health Solutions and dsm-firmenich are at the forefront, crafting solutions that hold the promise of enhancing the well-being of children worldwide.

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