MIBIOC: the 1st international conference dedicated to microbiota in oncology

"MIBIOC - The way of the microbiota in cancer" - IRCCS National Cancer Institute, Milan, 21-22th November 2019.
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MIBIOC – The way of the microbiota in cancer” (IRCCS National Cancer Institute, Milan – 21-22th November 2019) is the first international conference entirely dedicated to the role of microbiota in oncology.


MIBIOC, The way of the microbiota in cancer

The conference will give an update on the results of the studies that investigate the relational mechanisms between the microbiota and the tumor microenvironment. These will be explored both from the pathogenetic point of view and from the point of view of the possible impact on therapies, with particular reference to chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

Moreover, the issue of the role of the microbiota on the inflammatory response and the possible sequelae for healthy tissues and organs after oncological therapies, such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, will be addressed.

The oncology sector has been slow to follow the growing attention of medical research towards commensal / symbiotic organisms residing in the human body.

Indeed, in the last 3 years, only 7% of the publications related to the microbiota were in the oncology field, and these studies were mainly related to pre-clinical models. However, if we take radiation therapy as an example, we count a fair number (about twenty) of registered studies already foreseeing, perhaps prematurely, the use of probiotics in treatment protocols.

In this embryonic phase of exploration, we decided to organize a conference that would be useful to identify the pillars from which to start and to strengthen the basic knowledge necessary for all the professionals involved in cancer research institutes, universities and in companies.

To achieve this goal we have prepared a comprehensive programme covering all oncological therapies and all levels of research, from pre-clinical to clinical, with presentations of general interest on microbiota analysis and sequencing techniques.

The different topics will be addressed by internationally renowned specialists who will speak to an audience composed of biologists, biotechnologists, immunologists, medical oncologists, medical physicists, nutritionists, oncologists, radiotherapists, surgeons and doctors of all the specialties involved in the course of care and rehabilitation of the cancer patient.