Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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Vaginal microbes could play a key role in the success of...

Researchers have found that alterations of the vaginal microbiota are associated with the success of in-vitro fertilization.

How the microbiota shapes the development of the immune system

A. Macpherson et al. reviewed studies that looked at the interaction between the gut microbiota and their mammalian hosts, from fetal development to the early postnatal period.

Intestinal bacterial burden is controlled in the fetus during human gestation

A new study shows that viable bacteria are highly limited in utero, although have capacity to limit inflammatory potential of fetal intestinal T cells.

Childbirth antibiotics have long-lasting effects on infants’ gut microbiota

Antibiotics given to mothers during childbirth could alter the infants’ gut microbiota, a new study published in Scientific Reports finds.

Maternal obesity could affect placental and fetal gut development

Obesity could affect pregnancy, researchers say. A new study may shed light on the link between maternal obesity and metabolic conditions in the progeny.