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How gut microbes influence immune recovery during HIV treatment

the microbiota plays a key role in the resolution of inflammation and the recovery of immunity after HIV treatment. A new study published in Cell claims.

Food dyes metabolized by gut microbes cause colitis in mice with...

Specific food dyes are environmental risk factors for colitis development in conditions where IL-23 expression is dysregulated.

People at risk for rheumatoid arthritis have unique viral communities in...

A new study published in Cell Host & Microbe could pave the way for using phages as biomarkers for the condition of rheumatoid arthritis.

Intestinal microbes could protect against gut inflammation and colorectal cancer

The alterations in gut microbiota composition observed in mice lacking TAK1 can generate a protective immunity against colitis and colorectal cancer.

Gut microbes produce metabolites that mimic human signaling molecules

Fatty acid amides produced by Clostridia can help the bacteria to modulate their host by mimicking human signaling molecules.

Ancient feces reveal dramatic changes in the human microbiota over the...

The evolutionary history of the human microbiota could help to understand the role of present-day gut microbes in health and disease.

Gut bacteria swap genes at much higher rates in industrialized societies

Gut bacteria from people in industrialized countries exchange genes at much higher rates than bacteria from people living in non-industrialized societies.

How changes in microbiota composition could influence human health

The microbial communities inhabiting the gut have been shown to change in ways that influence the development of disease through blood metabolites.

Specific gut bacteria are associated with inflammatory bowel disease

Immune responses to the gut microbiota can be used as biomarkers of clinical course in IBD or as targets for the treatment or prevention of the condition.

Two-pronged approach may help to treat inflammatory bowel disease

A two-pronged treatment strategy — consisting of an engineered peptide and an FDA-approved drug —  could help to reduce gut inflammation.