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Can gut microbes help to manage nonalcoholic fatty liver disease?

The current knowledge of the gut-liver axis in NAFLD may lead to the development of microbiota-based personalized approaches for managing the condition.

Alterations of the gut microbiota are associated with liver cancer progression

Researchers have found that the development of liver cancer can be associated with alterations of the gut microbiota.

Gut microbes could help to diagnose chronic liver disease

A new study, published in Cell Metabolism, identified a microbial signature that is able to diagnose cirrhosis in people.

Gut microbes could protect against liver damage

A study published in Cell Metabolism shows that the gut microbiota can act at a distance to protect against liver damage.

A microbiome approach to address NAFLD and intrahepatic cholestasis in pregnancy

MetaboGen is active in the field of live biotherapeutic products and on the study of liver diseases. We discussed their approach with Sara Malcus, CEO of the company.