Explore the latest update from SynBalance on the gut-skin axis

Join SynBalance, platinum sponsor at Probiota Global 2024 (7-9 February, Milan), and discover the newst scientific data on ProBeautyShield, the probiotic ingredient designed for skin health.

SynBalance is honored to announce its role as the platinum sponsor at the upcoming European edition of Probiota, set to unfold in the vibrant city of Milan from February 7-9. During the event, we are eager to present the latest developments in promoting skin health through our ProBeautyShield, which comprises new preclinical and clinical studies enrich the already extensive scientific background, aiming to make the ingredient one of the best in the beauty-from-within field.

Regarding preclinical evidence, ProBeautyShield shows that it can mitigate UVB-induced damage. Through enhancements in hydration and reducing Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL), ProBeautyShield demonstrates its capacity to fortify the skin’s defenses against environmental stressors. Notably, our research uncovers a dual impact, highlighting positive modulation of the gut microbiota through an increase in Akkermansia abundance, further accentuating the multifaceted benefits of ProBeautyShield.

Shifting our focus to clinical investigations, our attention centres on subjects grappling with acne-related concerns. A comprehensive study conducted in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region reveals an overall improvement in skin hydration, a reduction in sebum production, and a noticeable decrease in acne lesions. Furthermore, the data underscore a marked reduction in inflammatory states surrounding lesions, coupled with enhanced skin complexion, showing ProBeautyShield’s efficacy in acne management. These data, along with the results of the first clinical trial on acne held in Europe, confirming ProBeautyShield’s efficacy in promoting and sustaining skin health, establishing it as a robust and reliable ingredient in the beauty-from-within category.

SynBalance invites you to join us at Probiota in Milan for an in-depth exploration of these revolutionary advancements. Immerse yourself in the science, stop-by with our experts to discover the potential of ProBeautyShield.

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