Canada endorses groundbreaking gut-brain health claims for Chr. Hansen’s probiotic strain

This approval marks a significant leap forward in our understanding of holistic health and the intricate connection between our guts and our brains.

In a landmark decision, Health Canada has authorized new health claims for Chr. Hansen’s probiotic strain L. acidophilus DDS-1®, spotlighting the connection between gut health and mental well-being.

This regulatory nod underscores the emerging science behind the gut-brain axis— a concept that is rapidly reshaping our understanding of how gut health can influence psychological stress and the overall quality of life, particularly for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

For individuals living with IBS, the chronic digestive issues are often accompanied by psychological distress. The newly approved claims for DDS-1® provide hope for these individuals, signifying an innovative step towards integrative health solutions. Health Canada’s approval allows for the following claims:

  1. Helps alleviate perceived stress in adolescents and adults with IBS.
  2. Helps to improve IBS-related quality of life in adolescents and adults.
  3. Assists in reducing perceived stress and improving abdominal pain in IBS sufferers.
  4. Helps normalize stool consistency in adolescents and adults with IBS.

This approval builds on the existing Natural Health Product (NPH) license for DDS-1®, which was already recognized for its role in reducing the severity of abdominal pain and other IBS symptoms.

Dr. Niklas Larsson, Head of Scientific Affairs at Chr. Hansen Human Health, expresses excitement over the approval, “We are excited that one of our probiotic strains has received official Canadian health claims relating to the gut-brain axis, putting a quality stamp on the science behind our product and adding credibility to our offering in this emerging field.”

The scientific validation provided by these claims is not just a win for Chr. Hansen but also for consumers who stand to benefit significantly from this development. Linda Neckmar, SVP of Chr. Hansen Human Health, emphasizes the impact of these claims: “It will assist consumers in making informed health choices when selecting probiotics and reinforce their confidence that the products are effective, safe, and of high quality.”

Moreover, these claims are anticipated to stir increased consumer interest in clinically documented probiotics, both within Canada and globally, as consumers are becoming more informed and proactive about the relationship between diet, gut health, and mental well-being.

While the excitement is palpable within the scientific and business communities, it is critical to note that these claims are tailored for business-to-business and healthcare professional communications. Chr. Hansen stipulates that these are not intended for consumer-facing materials and that local regulations should guide market-specific claims. With Health Canada’s endorsement, Chr. Hansen’s DDS-1® probiotic strain stands at the forefront of a new era in functional health products, bridging the gap between physical symptoms and mental health, and offering tangible benefits for those living with IBS. This approval marks a significant leap forward in our understanding of holistic health and the intricate connection between our guts and our brains.