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Study characterizes the microbiota of Spaniards — and its link to...

A team of spanish researchers have published in Scientific Reports the first complete analysis of the gut microbiome of a Mediterranean country.

Dietary preferences may drive gut microbiota differences seen in people with...

The differences in gut microbiata composition seen in autistic people may be due to the restricted dietary preferences associated with autism. A new study published in Cell claims.

Zooming in on the effects of quinoa on the gut microbes

The grain quinoa contains polysaccharides that can induce the growth and activity of beneficial gut microbes. A new study published in Food Science & Nutrition claims

Ancient feces reveal that people in Austria drank beer and ate...

By analyzing paleofeces from Austrian salt mines, researchers have found evidence that people who lived in modern-day Austria some 2,700 years ago drank beer and ate blue cheese.

High-salt diet may help inhibit tumor growth by modulating the gut...

The findings of a recent study published in Science Advances suggest that a high-salt diet modulates the gut microbiota in ways that boost tumor immunity.

Microbiota transplant and fiber can benefit obese people’s health

Fecal microbiota transplants combined with daily fiber supplement improves insulin sensitivity in obese individuals with metabolic syndrome.

Isoflavone-rich diet could ease symptoms of multiple sclerosis

An isoflavone diet enables the proliferation of specific gut bacteria that can improve multiple scleroris disease outcomes.

Fiber snacks can change the gut microbiota, pilot trial shows

Researchers have developed fiber snacks that appear to change the gut microbiota in ways that could be beneficial to health.

High-fat diet is linked to changes in gut microbiota, development of...

A high-fat diet is associated with changes in the gut microbiota and microbial metabolites. These changes seem impair antibiotic efficacy.