Oncology: ‘Personalized care must incorporate the microbiome’, James Kinross says

In precision cancer care, the microbiota cannot be put aside. We talked about this with James Kinross from the Imperial College London.

Personalized cancer care is about applying a specific treatment to a specific individual and the microbiota is an essential part of it.

Indeed, research on the microbiome in oncology suggests a significant correlation between the inter-individual variation of mucosal and fecal microbial composition and cancer. Not only cancer modifies the microbiota, but even the type of treatment – chemotherapy or surgery – impacts on it.

So, as explained by James Kinross from the Imperial College London, if we look at the current scientific literature, we cannot think about personalized treatment without incorporating the intestinal microbiome into the therapeutic strategy.

«More and more data are emerging to support this theory – explains Kinross – and we might soon see interesting developments in terms of effectiveness of cancer treatment