Nestlé Health Science acquires VOWST Assets

VOWST is the first and only orally administered microbiota-based therapeutic approved by the U.S. FDA for the prevention of recurrent Clostridioides difficile infection in adults.

In a move set to bolster its healthcare portfolio, Nestlé Health Science has announced a significant agreement with Seres Therapeutics, Inc., marking a pivotal step in the acquisition of assets associated with VOWST capsules.

This groundbreaking transaction underscores Nestlé’s commitment to advancing medical solutions and signals a new era in the treatment of Clostridioides difficile infection (CDI).

VOWST, the first and only orally administered microbiota-based therapeutic approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the prevention of recurrent CDI in adults, has garnered widespread recognition since its launch in June 2023. Nestlé Health Science, as the lead commercialization partner for VOWST, has played a pivotal role in its successful introduction to the market.

Moreno Perugini, President of Medical Nutrition and Pharma at Nestlé Health Science, expressed enthusiasm about the continued collaboration with Seres Therapeutics, stating, “VOWST has been extremely successful since we first made it available to patients in June of last year. We have had a productive collaboration with Seres during the development and FDA approval of VOWST, and we are pleased to continue to provide this important medication to patients.”

The memorandum of understanding outlines Nestlé Health Science’s acquisition of tangible and intangible assets associated with VOWST, granting the company full control over its development, commercialization, and manufacturing worldwide. This strategic move aligns with Nestlé Health Science’s focus on nutritional and pharmaceutical advancements, particularly in addressing gastrointestinal disorders.


VOWST fills a significant unmet need in the market, offering a targeted therapeutic approach to prevent CDI recurrence in individuals aged 18 and older following antibacterial treatment for recurrent CDI. Notably, VOWST is not indicated for the treatment of CDI itself, but rather for its prevention, as stated in the full indication and safety information.

Perugini emphasized the synergy between VOWST and Nestlé Health Science’s expertise, stating, “With the Nestlé Health Science portfolio focused on nutritional science, our pharma business specializes in medical conditions specifically related to gastrointestinal disorders. VOWST fits within our expertise and fills a significant unmet need in the market; we are confident that sales will continue to grow, and that many more patients will benefit from it.”

The completion of the transaction is contingent upon the negotiation of definitive agreements, Seres shareholder approval, and customary conditions. However, the memorandum of understanding sets the stage for a transformative partnership between Nestlé Health Science and Seres Therapeutics, marking a significant milestone in the advancement of microbiota-based therapeutics and the treatment of CDI.

As Nestlé Health Science continues to expand its healthcare offerings, the acquisition of VOWST assets reaffirms its commitment to pioneering innovative solutions that address critical medical needs, ultimately enhancing patient care and well-being.