Ferring Pharmaceuticals and PharmaBiome forge groundbreaking microbiome R&D and licensing partnership

Ferring Pharmaceuticals and PharmaBiome announced a comprehensive research and development collaboration today.

In a landmark move that marks a significant advancement in the field of gastroenterology, Ferring Pharmaceuticals and the Zürich-based microbiome translation company PharmaBiome announced a comprehensive research and development collaboration today. This strategic partnership aims to develop innovative microbiome-based biotherapeutics, setting a new standard in gastrointestinal treatment.

Under this exclusive agreement, Ferring secures the rights to develop, manufacture, and commercialize the next generation of microbiome-based therapeutics that emerge from this collaboration. The financial details of this groundbreaking deal remain undisclosed, underscoring the magnitude and potential impact of this partnership on the pharmaceutical industry.

Senior Vice President of Microbiome at Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Carl Bilbo, highlighted the significance of this collaboration: “This agreement is a testament to Ferring’s commitment to harnessing the therapeutic potential of the gut microbiome. With PharmaBiome’s cutting-edge technology, we can now explore novel ways to address microbiome dysbiosis linked to various diseases. This partnership not only reinforces our strategy to integrate external innovation into our pipeline but also underlines our dedication to fostering a dynamic research community in this field.”

PharmaBiome’s CEO, Tomas de Wouters, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: “Ferring’s confidence in our translational approach is a strong endorsement of our work. This partnership accelerates the development of our uniquely designed consortia, leveraging our combined expertise to make significant strides in the microbiome therapeutic domain.”

PharmaBiome brings to the table its proprietary technology platform, featuring NicheMapTM and a co-cultivation method, allowing for the rapid and scalable production of bacterial consortia as live biotherapeutic products. These advanced technologies enable the creation of donor-independent products, delivering precise bacterial strain combinations for targeted therapeutic effects.

Ferring’s pioneering efforts in microbiome-based therapy, including the successful introduction of a first-in-class FDA-approved live microbiome-based therapy in the US, position it as a leader in this innovative field. With a proven track record in driving clinical trials and manufacturing microbiome-based products, Ferring’s expertise and long-standing presence in gastroenterology make it an ideal partner in this ambitious venture.

This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the advancement of microbiome-based therapeutics, offering new hope and possibilities for patients suffering from gastrointestinal ailments.