EnteroBiotix embarks on groundbreaking phase 2 trial for innovative IBS treatment

Launching a new frontier in IBS management: the 'TrIuMPH' trial sets the stage with EBX-102-02, a pioneer in microbiome-based therapy.

In a notable advancement within the realm of biotechnological and medical research, EnteroBiotix Limited, a pioneering clinical-stage biotech firm, has initiated a Phase 2 clinical trial for its innovative treatment EBX-102-02, targeting Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), a prevalent and often debilitating condition. This trial marks a significant step forward in the development of microbiome therapeutics, offering a glimmer of hope to millions affected by IBS worldwide.

The study, aptly named ‘TrIuMPH’, aims to enroll 60 IBS patients with constipation across several UK locations. It’s designed as a multi-centre, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial – the gold standard in clinical research – to ensure the reliability and validity of the results. The primary focus of the trial is to evaluate the safety and tolerability of EBX-102-02, with secondary goals aimed at understanding its efficacy and identifying potential biomarkers over a six-week treatment period.

EnteroBiotix’s EBX-102-02 stands out due to its utilization of the company’s proprietary AMPLATM technology, which enables the creation of a full-spectrum drug candidate. This candidate boasts a diverse microbial ecosystem, aiming not just to restore but also to fortify the patient’s microbiome. The treatment is encapsulated in an easy-to-take, off-white, odourless powder form, making it a user-friendly option for patients.


This trial is not just a milestone for EnteroBiotix but represents a collaborative effort with the Functional Gut Clinic, a frontrunner in IBS diagnosis and treatment. Such partnerships underscore the importance of collaborative innovation in addressing complex health challenges.

Dr. James McIlroy, CEO of EnteroBiotix, expressed his enthusiasm about reaching this critical juncture, emphasizing the potential of EBX-102-02 to revolutionize the treatment landscape for IBS. The company’s vision is to meet unaddressed clinical needs with cutting-edge microbiome medicines, and this trial is a step toward that goal.

IBS is a chronic condition characterized by a suite of symptoms including abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, and altered bowel habits, affecting an estimated 12.5% of the global population. The economic and healthcare burdens of IBS are substantial, not just due to direct medical costs but also because of its impact on patients’ quality of life and productivity.

The initiation of the ‘TrIuMPH’ trial by EnteroBiotix heralds a potentially transformative era in the treatment of IBS, with EBX-102-02 leading the charge as a next-generation microbiome therapeutic. As this trial progresses, it will be closely watched by both the scientific community and IBS sufferers, eager for new solutions to an old problem.