Denise Kelly: ‘2019 will be a very important year for the global microbiome market’

Probiotics: 2019 will be crucial for scientific and regulatory aspects with help coming also from Venture Capital. Denise Kelly from Seventure talks about it.

2018 was a fundamental year for the global microbiome market and in particular for probiotics. In fact, scientific research has further investigated the correlation between microbiome, bacterial mechanisms and human health and pharma investments in the field of probiotics have grown. A clear example is the acquisition of Rebiotix by Ferring.

The current year promises to be just as important: many companies are getting the results of their phase II and III clinical trials and there is general optimism for the sector, despite the lack of a specific regulatory orientation for the development of new products, which we have recently discussed. In this sense, the role of venture capital firms goes beyond the investment itself. Seventure Partners, for example, with nearly a decade of experience with microbiome startup companies, learned how to provide them support to overcome these regulatory obstacles.
We talk about it with Denise Kelly, Professor Emeritus at the University of Aberdeen and Seventure venture partner.