Colgate-Palmolive signs on as Headline Partner for Microbiome Connect: Oral USA

The 3rd Edition Marketsandmarkets Next Gen Microbiome and Probiotics - Virtual Conference, scheduled to be held on 25th and 26th February 2021 will go live to unite global industry attendees on one virtual platform.

The 6th Annual Microbiome Connect: USA is taking place in Boston on 17-18 November 2021. For the first time ever, this year, the two-day conference will incorporate a specific two-day meeting dedicated to exploring the latest research and innovation in the oral microbiome, which will run alongside meetings focusing on the gut and skin microbiome.

This is the first time an event has taken place, bringing together the latest academic research and commercial innovations in Oral Microbiology with events focusing on other human microbiome areas.

The Oral Microbiome is the second-largest and diverse microbiota in the human body, harbouring over 700 species of bacteria.

A varied and balanced habitat is crucial in maintaining oral health and preventing both oral diseases and systemic health conditions across the body. To date, over 50 systemic diseases are linked to an unbalanced oral microbiome, and research in this space is rapidly accelerating. Further developing a collective understanding of the role of the oral microbiome in health and disease will allow further developments in drug development, oral health, and targeted therapies in the future.

Microbiome Connect: Oral will bring together the leading academic thought leaders, oral microbiome start-ups, multinational oral health brands, pharmaceuticals, and vendors driving critical development in this area, highlighting oral health’s vital role in systematic human health. Already, the event has attracted much attention, and Colgate-Palmolive has recently joined the event as their headline partner.

Colgate-Palmolive’s expert panel will discuss the impact of arginine on the caries microbiome with Dr Robert Burne, Dr Alex Mira and Dr Maria Ryan, Colgate’s Chief Clinical Director.

This insightful discussion will explore the mechanisms and intricate relationship between the caries microbiome and dental caries, the therapeutic benefits of arginine in dental caries management and rise in oral health status, plus examining the clinical evidence that shows changes in the microbiome after the use of an arginine-containing dentifrice. The perspicacious and innovative nature of this session will draw in attendees from the whole industry; academia, biotech, big pharma – no one is missing out on this talk.

In additional parts of Microbiome Connect: Oral, attendees will network with and learn from each other. Other key sessions include the research frontiers panel sessions, which will examine the relationship between the oral microbiome, oral health, and systematic diseases, with discussions from Marcelo Freire, Associate Professor at J. Craig Institute and Flavia Teles, Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

There will be discussions on expanding understanding of how the communities within the microbiota react differently when hosts are healthy vs when they are suffering from periodontal disease with Jorge Frias-Lopez, Oral Division at the University of Florida, and hear from Nezar Al-hesbshi on his development of an index for modelling dysbiosis to understand disease states.

The event will provide the opportunity to network with the microbiome experts as there will not only be Q&A sessions but also five round-tables discussing caries, periodontal disease, pre-and-pro biotics, personalised oral care, and systemic disease to ensure attendees can ask their all-important questions to the experts and fellow-peers.

To learn more about the speakers and attending companies, please click here. Tickets are on sale now, and super early bird is selling out fast; secure your place and register now.