Biocodex and My Health forge strategic alliance to revolutionize microbiota market

The partnership centers around the marketing of DUOSPORE®, a dietary supplement developed by My Health.

In a landmark move that signals a new era in the microbiota industry, the French pharmaceutical giant Biocodex and Belgian biotech innovator My Health have inked a licensing agreement that is poised to reshape the landscape of healthcare solutions.

Founded in 1953, Biocodex, a family-owned French pharmaceutical group, has long been a name synonymous with pioneering probiotic solutions. This legacy is complemented by the dynamic vision of My Health, a Belgian trailblazer founded in 2017 by Raf Dybajlo, dedicated to cutting-edge microbiota research.

The partnership centers around the marketing of DUOSPORE®, a dietary supplement developed by My Health. This move is significant, as it marks Biocodex’s strategic expansion into new territories, leveraging its global presence in over 100 countries. My Health’s groundbreaking research in functional dyspepsia, published in The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology, underscores the scientific rigor and innovation at the core of this alliance.

The deal is more than just a licensing agreement; it represents Biocodex’s investment in the future of microbiota research. By acquiring a 20% minority stake in My Health, Biocodex is cementing its commitment to this burgeoning field. The company, with a 501 million euro sales record in 2022 and a workforce of 1,600 across the globe, is set to enhance its already robust probiotic product line, including renowned brands like Ultra Levure® and Alflorex®.

Nicolas Coudurier, CEO of Biocodex, sees this partnership as a union of shared visions and aspirations. He highlights the growing importance of microbiota in health and well-being, emphasizing the potential of scientifically backed probiotics developed by My Health in addressing digestive ailments.

Raf Dybajlo, CEO of My Health, echoes this sentiment, expressing his honor at being recognized by a leader like Biocodex. He is enthusiastic about the potential of this partnership to bring My Health’s innovative solutions for functional dyspepsia to a broader audience.

This strategic partnership signals a new chapter in the story of these two companies. For Biocodex, it’s a step forward in reinforcing its global leadership in microbiota solutions. For My Health, it’s an opportunity to accelerate its international sales development and share its innovative solutions with the world. Together, they stand at the forefront of a health revolution, one where the microbiota is recognized as a pivotal element in overall well-being and healthcare.