The ‘I, Microbiome’ collaborative book initiative

The crowdfunding phase is open, you can preorder the book from 12 USD as e-book or 24 USD as paperback.
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The Microbiome has become a buzzword in the past decade. We now know that the history of mankind is tightly intertwined with the history of bacteria. That our body is constituted by as many bacterial cells as human cells, and about 150 times more bacterial genes than human genes. We have described how a loss in bacterial diversity has opened the door to an epidemic of non-communicable diseases, metabolic disorders, and auto-immunity. We have co-evolved together and are learning the hard way the need to shift perspectives. Not all bacteria are germs.

Chances are you have heard before about the Microbiome, the collective genomes of all the bacteria, archaea, fungi, and viruses that live in any ecosystem. You caught the word dysbiosis, have a sense of the powers of microorganisms in health, and know about companies offering microbiome testing and personalized solutions to recover the bacteria or functions you lack. But do you know how to differentiate the real scientific and healthcare advances from the hype?

LetsAuthor is a book publisher connecting a global community of authors to collaborate and co-create books. The project of a book on the microbiome, I, Microbiome, was born under the leadership of Dr. Vladimir Jakovljevic, author of numerous highly-cited scientific communications and founder of Microbiome Power, a company dedicated to communication and consulting in the microbiome field. Vladimir, together with LetsAuthor editors, brought together a team of microbiome experts originating from Germany, Italy, India, USA, France and Denmark, to co-author a book delivering the knowledge and keys to understand the microbiome for yourself.

This project aims to provide the most complete outlook on the microbiome so far in a small format, ranging from how the scientific methods and analytics participated to the current boom in research, to the roles and mechanisms of the microbiome-host interactions in health and disease, to consumer goods, technology, the environment, and even including the ethical and regulatory challenges of the sector.

It will be an accessible must-read for people who want to embrace their symbiosis with microbes and their identity as ecosystems, for newbies in the fast-growing microbiome space, and for people who are simply curious about what this big complex microbiome world is all about.

The crowdfunding phase is open, you can find out more about the project and preorder the book from 12 USD as e-book or 24 USD as paperback here. The first 300 backers will be personally thanked in the book. Printing and delivery are scheduled for the second half of September.

Join the community and harness the powers of your microbial self!