Friday, February 28, 2020
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Vaginome: understanding the vaginal microbiome. Questions & answers

Vaginal microbiome or vaginoma: the gynaecologist Franco Vicariotto, of Humanitas San Pio X in Milan, discusses this topic in our instant book.

A molecule produced by the human gut could help to fight...

Researchers have found an antimicrobial molecule produced by the gut microbiota that can fight multidrug-resistant bacteria.

Vaginal fluid transplant could help cure bacterial vaginosis

Transplanting vaginal fluids from one woman to another could restore the bacterial microbiota and help treat severe cases of a common vaginal inflammation.

How the vaginal microbiota protects from Chlamydia infection

The vaginal microbiota can reduce a woman’s susceptibility to Chlamydia infections. A new study could lead to new strategies against STIs.

Scientists find thousands of new small proteins produced by the human...

Scientists have discovered thousands of small proteins, which had not been identified previously. The findings, published in Cell, could help drug development.

Ross Youngs: ‘We investigate the aquatic microbiome to obtain metabolites and...

New technologies such as the analysis of the "aquatic microbiota" allow to dig deeply into the microbiome chemistry. We discuss this approach with Ross Youngs, CEO of Biosortia.

Lars Engstrand: ‘We study the vaginal microbiome to prevent diseases’

Prof. Lars Engstrand from the Karolinska Institutet, in Stockholm, Sweden, explains how studying the vaginal microbiota could impact on reproductive medicine.