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The microbiota may affect people’s response to an antidiabetic drug

Some gut and mouth bacteria produce enzymes that metabolize acarbose, a common antidiabetic drug, in ways that may reduce its therapeutic efficacy. A new study published in Nature claims.

Biomaterials may boost efficacy of oral cancer therapy by modulating the...

Specific bacteria in combination with a hydrogel containing silver nanoparticles can reduce tumor growth in mice with a cancer of the oral cavity. A new study published in Nature Biomedical Engineering claims.

Mouth microbiota may influence the efficacy of cancer radiotherapy

The mouth microbiota may be used as a potential biomarker and target for the diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer. A new study pulished in Cell Reports claims.

How a mouth-dwelling microbe inhibits the growth of other bacteria

S. mutans produces tryglysin to inhibit the growth of competing species, including other streptococci that could cause opportunistic infection.

Gut microbes alter maternal behavior, regulate growth of baby mice

A new study published in Science Advances suggest that the gut microbiota should be considered when studying the regulation of maternal behavior.

Cross-talk with the microbiota helps the neonatal oral mucosa to mature

The interaction between newborns’ epithelia and the microbiota is crucial to the balance of the oral mucosa and it can have long-term health consequences.

Mouth microbiota make-up linked to lung cancer in non-smokers

Decreased microbial diversity and increased abundance of Firmicutes phylum in the respiratory tract may be associated with an increased risk of lung cancer.

Mouth microbiota composition could predict the outcome of stem cell transplants

A study published in PLOS Pathogens suggests that the oral microbiota could be used to predict the outcome of hematopoietic stem cell transplants.

Vaping alters the mouth microbiota, increasing infection odds

Researchers have found that smoking e-cigarettes changes the community of microbes living in the mouth, making users prone to inflammation and infection.

Gut dysfunction caused by a high fat diet might be linked...

Fat feeding reduces nutrient sensitivity of specific cells in the gut and alters the gut microbiota, a study published in eLife claims.