Friday, December 3, 2021
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The novel precision probiotic strain Hafnia alvei HA4597® is found effective...

Hafnia alvei HA4597® produces ClpB, a protein that acts through molecular mimicry of the satiety hormone alpha-MSH and regulates appetite.

Breast milk molecule may help support certain gut bacteria, reduce obesity...

A molecule in breast milk, called betaine, may lower the risk of obesity by preventing accelerated growth in newborns and supporting bacterial species.

Cholesterol-lowering drugs could influence the gut microbiota in obese people

Obese people have a gut microbiota that is associated with inflammation. But those who take statins have a healthier gut microbiota, a new study (Nature) found.

How the microbiota affects drug efficacy

Researchers developed a rapid method to investigate how diet, drugs and the microbiota interact to influence host health.

Obesity, but not diabetes, is associated with microbiota alterations

Obesity, dietary supplements and key medications such as antidiabetics are associated with changes in gut microbiota composition, a recent study claims.

Gut bacteria prevent mice from becoming obese

A study published in the journal Science identified a specific class of gut bacteria that prevents mice from becoming obese.

How gut microbes regulate fat tissue in obesity

According to a study published in Science Translational Medicine, the gut microbiota could regulate fat tissue and therefore play a key role in obesity.

Maternal obesity could affect placental and fetal gut development

Obesity could affect pregnancy, researchers say. A new study may shed light on the link between maternal obesity and metabolic conditions in the progeny.

Gut microbiota in the first 2 years of life is associated...

The infant gut microbiota may have the potential to help identify children at risk for obesity. These are the conclusions of a study published in mBio.