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Specific microbial signature may influence response to immunotherapy in melanoma

A study published in Nature Medicine claims that the manipulation of the gut microbiota could be a new strategy to treat toxicity to combined immunotherapy.

Microbial metabolites could improve efficacy of anticancer drugs

Some gut microbial metabolites boost the efficacy of antitumor drugs by regulating the body’s immune response and could be used as a part of cancer therapy.

How gut bacteria boost cancer immunotherapy

A new study published in Science claims that some gut microbes produce a metabolite that boosts the effect of a class of cancer drugs.

Catalog of tumor microbiotas finds bacteria living inside many cancer cells

Researchers have created a catalog of the bacteria associated with all the cancer types. The findings could help to enhance the actions of anticancer drugs.

Giorgio Trinchieri: ‘Microbiome based strategies in oncology to improve immunotherapy’

The modulation of the microbiota impacts on the efficacy of the new anti-PD-1 cancer therapies. We discuss it with Giorgio Trinchieri (NIH, USA).

Gut microbes could boost the activity of immune cells

The gut microbiota could boost the activity of immune cells. That's according to a new study published in the journal Immunity.

How engineered bacteria could help cancer therapy

Researchers have engineered bacteria that can colonize tumors and deliver immunotherapy drugs. The study was published in Nature Medicine.

Immuno-oncology and the microbiome

The relationship between bacteria and cancer is more and more investigated. We discuss it with Laurence Zitvogel, oncologist at the Institut Gustave Roussy.

Cancer immunotherapy and microbiome: state of the art

We asked Laurence Zitvogel about the advances in the field of oncological immunotherapy and the role of microbiome.