Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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How changes in microbiota composition could influence human health

The microbial communities inhabiting the gut have been shown to change in ways that influence the development of disease through blood metabolites.

Antibiotic resistance is often spread in the gut microbiota of hospitalized...

A targeted decontamination could be a strategy to control the spreading of carbapenem-resistance plasmids both amoung patients and within patients.

Drug halts C. difficile infection, promotes recovery of the microbiota after...

Ebselen may protect from C. difficile-associated tissue damage and bolster recovery of the microbiota after antibiotic treatment.

Gut microbiota could inhibit the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria

A new study shows that interactions with the resident gut microbiota could suppress the proliferation and antibiotic-resistance evolution of superbugs.

Underfeeding and antibiotics alter the gut microbiota and impair nutrient absorption

A new study, published in Nature Medicine, suggests that changes to the microbial community in the gut could influence nutrient metabolism.

Fewer antibiotics linked to reduced childhood asthma

A new study (The Lancet Respiratory Medicine) suggests that the decrease in the incidence of childhood asthma is a consequence of reduced antibiotic use.

Algorithm reveals dozens of new antimicrobial compounds in the human gut

Researchers developed an algorithm that revealed dozens of previously unknown compounds in the human gut.

Diet and environment influence recovery of the gut microbiota after antibiotics

The recovery of the gut microbiota after antibiotic treatment depends on the host’s diet and on environmental factors, a study published in Cell Host & Microbes claims.

Diet influences the sensitivity of gut microbes to antibiotics, mouse study...

Diet could be an important determinant of antibiotic-induced disruption of the gut microbiota, a study published in Cell Metabolism claims.

Childbirth antibiotics have long-lasting effects on infants’ gut microbiota

Antibiotics given to mothers during childbirth could alter the infants’ gut microbiota, a new study published in Scientific Reports finds.