Monday, September 27, 2021
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Cat might alter the gut microbiota of their owners

The influence of cat ownership on gut microbiota function may affect the health of the owner. A new study published in PlosOne claims.

International travel may contribute to the spread of antibiotic resistance

A new study published in Genome Medicine suggests that international travel poses a high risk by favoring the global spread of antimicrobial resistance.

Dispersal strategies determine for how long bacteria persist in the gut

A new study published in Cell Host & Microbe illustrates how different dispersal strategies can allow bacteria to persist in the human gut.

High-fat diet is linked to changes in gut microbiota, development of...

A high-fat diet is associated with changes in the gut microbiota and microbial metabolites. These changes seem impair antibiotic efficacy.

Infants’ gut microbiotas harbor hundreds of antibiotic-resistance genes

A new study published in Cell Host & Microbe claims that the infant gut is home to bacteria that harbor hundreds of antibiotic-resistance genes.

Ancient feces reveal dramatic changes in the human microbiota over the...

The evolutionary history of the human microbiota could help to understand the role of present-day gut microbes in health and disease.

Gut bacteria swap genes at much higher rates in industrialized societies

Gut bacteria from people in industrialized countries exchange genes at much higher rates than bacteria from people living in non-industrialized societies.

How changes in microbiota composition could influence human health

The microbial communities inhabiting the gut have been shown to change in ways that influence the development of disease through blood metabolites.

Antibiotic resistance is often spread in the gut microbiota of hospitalized...

A targeted decontamination could be a strategy to control the spreading of carbapenem-resistance plasmids both amoung patients and within patients.

Drug halts C. difficile infection, promotes recovery of the microbiota after...

Ebselen may protect from C. difficile-associated tissue damage and bolster recovery of the microbiota after antibiotic treatment.