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Resident bacteria might contribute to opportunistic infections of the respiratory tract

The manipulation of microbiota could improve the outcomes of infections in the respiratory tract cause by opportunistic pathogens.

The role of the microbiota in pneumonia: friend or foe?

A better understanding of the distribution and composition of airway microbiota could help to protect people against pneumonia.

How harmful bacteria can thrive in the lungs

Changes in one of the P. aeruginosa’s environmental sensing systems allow it to adapt to the environment of the lungs, causing chronic infections.

Taking vitamin D and omega-3 during pregnancy could change the infant...

A study suggests that the effects of dietary interventions during pregnancy are mediated by different factors, including the infant airway microbiota.

Nose-dwelling bacterium contributes to a healthy nasal microbiota

Staphylococcus epidermidis contributes to a healthy nasal microbiota, likely by stimulating the production of antimicrobial molecules in the nose.

The microbes in our nose change with the seasons

The fungi and bacteria that inhabit our nose and the areas around it change with the seasons, according to a new study published in Scientific Reports.

Early-life airway microbiota could predispose to childhood asthma

The composition of the airway microbiota in early life could predispose to the development of asthma later in childhood, according to a new study.

The effects of the microbiota on lung health and disease

A team of scientists of the Monash University in Melbourne reviewed the role of the lung and gut microbiota in respiratory health and disease.

Lung-dwelling bacteria could promote cancer growth

Lung bacteria can cause inflammation associated with lung cancer by activating the host’s immune system, researchers reported in the journal Cell.

Babies’ nose bacteria are linked to the duration of respiratory infections

A Swiss study suggests that some specific nose bacteria are related to the duration of colds and cough in children.