Probiota 2022: the event returns face-to-face

Probiota 2022: connecting the business and science of the microbiome is back in Copenhagen from the 28th to the 30th March.

The tradition of the Probiota Congress goes on. The 2022 edition is focused on connecting the business and science of the microbiome. After two virtual summits, the event returns face – to – face for the first time after the Covid – 19 pandemics.

The Probiota Global 2022 is taking place in Copenhagen, from the 28th to the 30th March. In this location, experts and leaders of industries, academia and the regulators from all over the world are brought together to share exclusive insights and news related to the hot topics of the probiotic scene.

Moreover, the event will be the opportunity to meet and network with some of the biggest names of the industry and with innovative companies, thanks to an interactive format combining a comprehensive conference program together with roundtables, Q&A sessions and polling.

Key themes for Probiota 2022

In the three-days-event, challenges and opportunities are presented and discussed on the stage. The key themes for Probiota 2022 are:
• Next Generation probiotics for weight management/ obesity
• Fermented foods and dietary microbes
• The global e-commerce market for probiotics
• Beyond probiotics with postbiotics and phages
• Latest advances in the microbiota-gut-brain axis
• The opportunities of Live Biotherapeutics/ Pharmabiotics
• Opportunities for the skin and oral microbiome
• And surveying the regulatory landscape across Europe: From Brexit to EFSA

In the Probiota Congress 2022 there will be the chance of getting new contents and acquiring a holistic overview of the probiotic science and future scenarios. To gain more details about the agenda of the Congress and to know more about the networking activities, click here.