Promising results for probiotics in Ulcerative Colitis

In the pathogenesis of IBDs, the gut microbiota plays a key role. Treating gut dysbiosis may be a solutions, so companies are exploring this possibility.

In the pathogenesis of chronic intestinal inflammatory diseases (IBD), many studies have shown the role played by the gut microbiota. This is why companies are being developing treatments aimed at correcting the gut dysbiosis. One of these is Seres Therapeutics.

As explained by its Chief Scientist Officer David Cook, this company is developing various probiotic drugs with the aim of inducing a remission of ulcerative colitis. The results are very promising and mark a new path for the treatment of the disease. In fact, if the currently existing drugs work “downstream” or on T cells or on immune effectors and cytokines, which are only present when an inflammatory state is already underway, the new probiotics intervene “upstream”, at the origin of the inflammation.

Potentially, the microbiome would therefore be a new, safe and effective method for treating all types of colitis.