Probiotics and gastrointestinal infections in children: Gasbarrini comments on the negative results reported by the NEJM

Antonio Gasbarrini from the Gemelli Hospital in Rome explains how the modulation of the intestinal microbiota is entering medicine.

The New England Journal of Medicine has recently published an article on the effects of a specific combination of probiotics in children suffering from infectious gastroenteritis.

The results of the clinical trial were negative as the specific bacterial strain did not reduce the symptoms of the disease. However, more than on the results, one should focus on the fact that one the oldest medical journals is opening up to the concept that the modulation of intestinal microbiota may play a role in preventing and/or treating diseases, thus indicating one of the paths to follow in the near future.

In this new scenario, as explained by Antonio Gasbarrini, director of CEMAD at the Gemelli Hospital in Rome, the real challenge for researchers is to find the combinations of probiotics that can treat diseases associated with intestinal dysbiosis.