Crispact® is a food supplement containing Lactobacillus crispatus M247.
Clinical studies demonstrated that Crispact® promotes the clearance of HPV infection, showing that 71% of HPV-positive women could test negative for HPV after just 3 months of treatment with Crispact®. Complementary to this data, it was highlighted that the use of Crispact®, again in HPV-positive women who had also concomitant cervical lesion, increased the normalization of cervical cytology by 50% when compared to untreated women.
L. crispatus M247 colonizes 94% of treated women, as shown by clinical trials, moreover, it can even be taken alongside metronidazole, since it was also found to be insensitive to high concentrations of this antibiotic, which is widely prescribed by gynaecologists.

Scientific reference(s)

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Therapeutical area(s)

Women health · Urogenital system


Antipathogenic activity · Vaginal candidiasis



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