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The human microbiome has become an increasingly popular field of study in recent years, with a particular focus on the gut microbiota.

While probiotics have traditionally been the go-to solution for improving gut health, recent research has highlighted the potential benefits of postbiotics.

In this webinar, we will delve into the definition of postbiotics and explore the current scientific literature on their efficacy. We will also examine the relationship between leaky gut syndrome and postbiotic use, as well as the process of postbiotic production.

One important topic of discussion will be the challenges associated with the reproducibility of postbiotic studies, along with the differences in study design between postbiotics and probiotics.

We will also take a closer look at ongoing clinical trials at the Humanitas University, led by principal investigator Maria Rescigno, with a focus on their postbiotic product.

Overall, this webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of postbiotics and their potential impact on human health, as well as a forum for open discussion and collaboration in this exciting area of research.