TargEDys is the pioneer of precision probiotics, backed by a mechanism of action at molecular scale.

Targedys is a commercial stage french biotech specialized in precision probiotics, or precibiomic strains, with their mechanism of action identified and characterized in scientific publications. Founded by researchers Pierre Dechelotte and Serguei Fetissov, TargEDys has subsequently obtained funding from Seventure, Pontifax, NCI and Biocodex and developed products to harvest microbiome science for the benefit of consumers.

Our first product EnteroSatys® stems from 15 years of academic research at the University of Rouen and at the Inserm. It is based on Hafnia alvei HA4597™, a unique species in the world of probiotics, coming from French cheese camembert, characterized and optimized for the production of caseinolytic peptidase B (ClpB), a protein that mimics satiety hormone alpha-MSH and has been found inversely associated to BMI in several cohorts.

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Longjumeau, France

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TargEDys's probiotic strains portfolio​

Hafnia alvei HA4597
Lactiplantibacillus plantarum WJL

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