CosmosID, Inc.

CosmosID is a leading provider of end-to-end microbiome analysis solutions.

CosmosID® provides end-to-end solutions unlocking the microbiome. A provider of CLIA-certified & GxP-compliant NGS, metabolomics and bioinformatics aolutions, CosmosID offers a range of validated and optimized workflows for early and late stage R&D.

CosmosID also offers independently validated, industry-leading pipelines for processing metagenomic data, yielding multi-kingdom, strain-level resolution with leading sensitivity and precision. Results can be accessed via CosmosID-HUB, a user-friendly and interactive software for comparative analysis of microbiome data, complete with dynamic charts, visualizations, and statistics.

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Asia-Pacific · Europe · North America


Germantown, MD USA

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CosmosID - Bacterial Isolate Characterization via Whole-Genome Sequencing
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CosmosID - End-to-End Microbiome Analysis via Next Generation Sequencing

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