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Clorofilla informs, educates and updates health care professionals, researchers, consumers and patients with medically referenced content.

With creativity and scientific rigor, we create cross-media editorial projects and study the best strategy to communicate them effectively by modulating the style and language according to the target to be reached.

Multidisciplinary approach, this is our philosophy. Scientific journalists, medical writers, graphic designers, videomakers and digital strategists are the professional figures who work for Clorofilla. Different experiences and skills that, properly coordinated, ensure effective and science-based communication.

Clorofilla, through digital innovation and by adapting the tone of voice to different targets, strives to inform, educate and update healthcare professionals, researchers, consumers and patients by providing referenced content on medical and scientific topics.

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Europe · India · North America & Canada · South America


Via Podgora 12/A, 20122, Milan, Italy

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